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We are always looking for level headed, non bias individuals to lead teams and be role models for today's youth. If you have experience and would like to help, please reach out to us at

Coaches & Managers

One of the essential functions of coaches and team managers is to manage team communications with players and their families.  If you are a coach or team manager, SportsEngine has created a Team Management Guide for Coaches and Team Managers to help you use our website and mobile app to efficiently and effectively communicate and manage your teams. 



Practice Schedule: Times and days are set so that it can be productive. With everyone running the same basic system, it should allow any player or coach to join a practice and get work in if his team is short. If at anytime your team will not practice PLEASE let me know the day before so the funds used to pay for a court aren't wasted. Coordination with each other and using the 90 min can be beneficial if we map out a plan and go from there. Between us all, we should have a ton of drills. Let's evaluate our teams the first couple weeks and incorporate them as needed. Some kids will play school ball. Know who those kids are so you can know what to expect from them (tired from a earlier practice, or not there due to a practice) at practice if they are able to attend. If you would like to see about a change please let me know ASAP.

Playing non rostered players: DO NOT allow players that are not registered with the club to play unless it is cleared with the club first. Many parents pay their money so their child can play and grow. Adding a player that hasn't paid not only can cost you the game but it takes away from the player that has been to practice each week and is committed to getting better and the program. On top of that there are liability issues that the club deals with in the event of a injury. Allowing kids to play that haven't paid causes the club to confront a parent or family about their child. If a family can't pay to play let us know the situation and allow us to work out payments or sponsorship for the child.

Playing in a event outside the paid program: I receive calls and social media posts every week to see if we have a team or teams that can play in a event. You all may receive them as well. Please know the name and likeness "Indy Nets Basketball Club" is owned by protected. I spend countless hours trying to make sure things are aligned so the club is organized and ran properly. That includes the thought process, selection and design behind uniforms, shooting shirts, etc.. If there is ever a time you would like to do something special for your kids in regards to the uniform, club name or shirts, please speak with me first in case the club can get you a better deal on the price or if it's in conflict with what we have already. Shoes are not a big deal but if there are shirts purchased for 8 kids in the Fall session and the team loses 3 kids and gains 2 the new kids may have what the kids that left have. The club purchases in bulk because items run out of stock or are not produced all the time.

Tournaments: We will only participate in a tourney if there are 6 committed players .  Make sure you know what type of event it is. A or B level event and have a plan going in so your parents know what to expect. Some events will be confidence builders, some will be to measure progress and others to have fun. Please make sure each opportunity they have we use in order to better their basketball IQ. These events are subject to the other teams that register so if your team is 3rd grade or lower you may be in a combined division or have to play up to get the work. Nets teams can be combined or a player or two join another team for the weekend as long as the coaches are in agreement who will lead and the club knows in order to submit a valid roster.

Game day: ALWAYS try and have your table attendant do the books. If there ever is a close game or issue with the score board they will refer to what is on the sheet. We have been, and you will encounter ADULTS that will deliberately cheat by giving their team points, fouls to your best player, no fouls to their best player or letting the time run or not run. The score sheet is the final word. Have a parent get there early to hold that seat!!!

Jersey Numbers: In the event you have players with the same number, please make sure the refs know before tip off. In the books for the game, always add a #0 to the double rostered player. EX: Main player has #4, double rostered player is also #4. Double rostered player will be #40 or #04 in the books and in the FH system. 

Arrival time: Please have your players arrive for games no later than 15-20 min prior to tip off. This will allow for a last minute venue change, jersey issue or player shortage to be resolved without panic.

Attendance: If there is ever a time you can't make practice or a game, please let us all know asap so that we can be sure to assist. If others are there, I'm sure most guys won't mind gathering, warming up or coaching the team and getting them through the situation. FIND A PARENT OR COACHING BUDDY!!!!

FH Contact: If a last minute issue arises with a game time please first contact Alan Carmin at the Fieldhouse via email. Include your entire team name ie: Indy Nets 2028 1st Grade Neon etc. The phone number to the FH is 317.842.2255 or If you can't reach him then contact the club for assistance.

Apps: If you have not done so, take the time to download the FH app for game times and the Sports Engine app for practice.

Coaches Code of Conduct:


All team coaches, both Head and Assistant, will abide by a code of conduct, which includes the following:

1. Will not smoke near any facility for practice, games and/or events.

2. Understand that all game officials on the court are there to do a job and we may not agree with how it is done. In the event of an issue you agree to alert the club and allow us to address the issue. (They are human, what you or a parent says effects them regardless of what you are told. Don't make it personal. Coach the kids in the setting the refs present)

3. Be responsible for the conduct and control of players, other coaches as well as the policing of parents.

4. Do not permit an ineligible player to participate in a game.

5. Do not deliberately incite unsportsmanlike conduct.

6. Abstain from drinking of alcoholic beverages during any game, practices and/or event. Coach will also abstain from excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages (defined as enough to induce hangover) within a 12 hour period prior to any game, practice session and/or event.

7. Will interact with all players, at all times, in an instructional, supportive and non-threatening manner and refrain from the use of any abusive and/or profane language.

8. Will be responsible for communicating with team parents about practices, game locations and agendas. 

9. Agree to run the base system set forth by the club unless discussed with prior to sessions start.

10. Carry yourself as the role model parents would like mentoring their kids as you represent the club and yourself. 


*Please note that any coach kicked out of a game may be subject to sit out the next game as well per the rules of the governing entity. At no time is a coach to leave the bench area during a game unless for an emergency and must first be cleared by the game ref.*

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Managing RSVPs

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Sending RSVPs for Existing Games or Events

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